“Chaos Walking”with The noise.

The movie title chaos walking, with noise in the head. How often we can relate to the common noises in our head. As soon as i walked off the cinema, i was literally having “chaos walking ” which brings me to thinking isnt that the mind speaking to us back and forth, answering our questions or our inner suggestions. Thoughts as such turns up daily to week in week out. These usually builds up and snowballed our fancy thoughts which caused mental exhaustion and having a serious burnout. We would speak about it to our loved ones or left the stresses unattended. Although the movie doesnt define any relationship towards mental health as the plot has a unique approach with noise talking in our heads. It does good inspection for general viewers to checked in our thoughts from time to time. In today time that matters due to the everchanging enviroment and technology super advanced. The need to keep up with changes and keeping sane isnt a masterpiece stroke that sound so easy. The next time, we would have to be still and silence the noise.

Stay tuned for more fine tuning.

Fantasy Island

Well, how many of us are living inside your own cultivated fantasy?Those imaginations drawn out since young or by music and art influences that we translate that into reality. If we can shape out fantasy our ways within your means, that we can impact what we really want to achieve as a realistic approach in turning fantasy to action. Fantasy are like dreams, dreams are made by how we feel each day, each time. Fantasy island are all we live in whether you are lying on the bed or taking a good cold shower thinking about things beyond these present moment. Lets take a moment out of our busy rushing days and give fantasy a thought. What would be yours and what is holding you back? I am NEVER known as a writer or an artist but i am drooling with lots of weird ideas about what i write and draw, there was once upon a time i realised only by chance i am fascinated by the art sketching of stickman self expression, a full blown of fantasy that i couldnt be in the situation but only by action to draw them out and wooing the audience like a stageplay. Here is alittle takeaway of my stickman fantasy.

Angle fur light shoes

The New Era benefit of XOXO.

xoxo tic tac toe with hugs and kisses.

what’s xoxo? honestly i have no idea when someone wrote me a letter or a whatsapp message ending closing with xoxo. Initially i pay no attention to it, thinking uh ok got it yet not knowing what is it all about. As a curious being in this era, i decided not to oh i get it to oh i go google what’s xoxo, by now i guess most of us would know it means hugs and kisses. Whoever came out with the meaning of the acronym must have been playing tic tac toe for years, i think all of us can relate to that old school game, simple yet challenging. So we can imagine through playing games, it does trained our brains and also captured certain things and details to create something like what we use today xoxo as hugs and kisses, or in any case similarities works to help us remember things easily. If not for today wanting to write a content on xoxo, i remembered uh got it , tic tac toe ! so next time when someone text or write xoxo, i say yeah lets play! either way its fun! whichever the intention. The winner gets a hugs, The loser gets kisses. Sometime we just needed words or letters to spice up our life. Thank you guys, enjoy your weekends playing xoxo tic tac toe with your love ones.



Just a painful journey

Words has dried up, tears are kept in the bottle, what more can i say about myself? This Just a painful journey, especially the pain lasted longer than i thought it will eventually heal me mentally and spiritually if i keep on going and stay focus, stay positive week in week out, its aint all that easy. I have also tried very hard to live this moment and not what are the past and future. Also to say if anyone feel this way, please reach out to your close ones and not isolated yourself with the thoughts that is drowning you. Stay afloat, on the surface, its when u truly breathe in the air of love and hope.

Sorry if all these is irrelevant but a space for me to voice out.

whats the flow today?

let if flow, naturally.

Catching me, while i go on my sketching needs, teaching you while i go praising on you, while i look you up, you look so wild, looking at you but not hooking on you, while i try again, i thrice to gain, rag on rack with reach to rich, hit the hitch to ride the rise to save the storm to my safe dorm, room to room with the kids and kits, playground with pen and pencil on the ground, paper is thin and color to think, master is eager to teach with eagle eye to explore or explode, learn to earn or win to whine.

Emotional Wheel With Flava

do it again and again
writing , i cant let u go
The End? We just about to get Started

what feel so good that you can write anything on this emotion wheel chart, i just pick my pen up, get tuned to my classical music and well because today i have so much energy, i need to let them out alittle so i start writing and observing my thoughts as they flow like energy, its great ! its awesome! with the emotion wheel on hand, somehow i can pick up my emotion and let it go totally and when u start u just cant stop like my piece of writing now… i just cant craft master piece but just kept going as when what i feel right and want to express myself without thinking again? grammarmistakes??? i dont care much for those mistakes today, tomorrow, or next week because all we do? is to live for this moment! And I found 3 C as i write on my emotion wheel, Clarity,Creativity,Contentment. We aint in a warzone, we aint here for the power, we here for the love of words and writing. We that is Me, Myself and I. Tough struggles on sorrow uh but We will fight the battle with my bow and arrow to see through this fight for bliss – Because Love Is Such Special. The end? no no.. we just about to get started.

Thank you BlISS

Get Into your mind and make them stronger than ever, lasting.

1. Reading – Pick any book that u will finish reading from page one until the last page. Focus and attention is improving mind over time. 

2. Create a motivational quote – as simple as this, “What’s life, be alive.” something of your own mind, understanding the power that will inspire you. 

3. Walk the stairs – count the steps, counting helps with strengthening your mind memory. 

4. Listening – gather some hip hop inspirational songs and stay tuned to the lyrics, relax the mind and be inspired. 

5. Hit the gym – endurance, mind over body. 

6. Writing – write a short story, the shortest the better. Speed write  without caring too much, trains the mind to react and express itself.

7. Believe in yourself – because the mind say so! 

8. Mind games – Remember what Subjects and Contents of writing that triggers likes and more likes.

9. Sleep well – As much as 8hrs per day and as many naps as when you can. 

10. Look into the mirror – tell yourself and praise yourself something good about yourself, the mind need clear affirmation. 

11. Drawing – when the mind can’t speak for itself, draw what you feel like, explore and tap on the imagination of the mind.

12. Learn to say No – Don’t waste the mind energy on something that isn’t what you really want to do. 

13. Clear the mind – Experts estimate that the mind thinks between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day. Do you really need those thoughts? 

14. 14? running out of ideas? No 🙂 – Think and have 1 to 4 good habits per day, execute them. Good habits equal good behaviour equal good positive healthy mind. 

Hello Meditation

I just finished my personal ME time with MY meditation, it pretty much calm me down and also give me some thoughts to think about. Like one particular thought flashes by, “why create things to think of when there is nothing at all. “ isnt it brilliant that unique thought come into mind, while u sit and be still, trying to quiet your mind and suddenly in the midst of everything, something like that popped up. I totally agreed we all humans, does sometimes over think too much for nothing and those what IF mindest. Unless those what if and thinking too much is giving us a better life(anxiety free), then we can safekeep them. Else just dump those what if something bad happen. or over thinking how long should i meditate so that i will feel better about myself and also MUST feel good after the meditation.We dont fill in anything into something that is already empty.

Hello meditation we just met and you just left, we will meet again. Its a blessing to have known you MEDITATION. Just be comfortable, for all you will know the answers.